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Sigourney Weaver (born October 8, 1949, height 5' 11" (1,80 m)) is an American actress best known for her role as Ellen Ripley in the Alien film series, a role for which she has received worldwide recognition. Other notable roles include the Ghostbusters films, Gorillas in the Mist, The Ice Storm, Working Girl, Death and the Maiden, Prayers for Bobby and Avatar. She is a three-time Academy Award nominee for her performances in Aliens (1986), Gorillas in the Mist (1988), and Working Girl (1988) winning Golden Globe Awards in the latter two films. Weaver has been called "The Sci-Fi Queen" by many on account of her many science fiction and fantasy films.

Film Credits

Avatar 5 (2027)
as Dr. Grace Augustine
Avatar 4 (2025)
Avatar 3 (2023)
Avatar 2 (2021)
as Grace Augustine
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)
as Dana Barrett
My Salinger Year (2020)
as Margaret
Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters (2020)
as Herself
Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary (2019)
as Herself
SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout (2019)
as Herself (uncredited)
Oats Studios: Volume 1 (2018)
as Jasper
Laddie (2017)
as Herself
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)
as Sigourney Weaver
Rakka (2017)
as Jasper
A Monster Calls (2016)
as Grandma
The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016)
as Herself
Ghostbusters (2016)
as Rebecca Gorin
Finding Dory (2016)
as Sigourney Weaver (voice)
The Assignment (2016)
as Dr. Rachel Kay
Ghostheads (2016)
as Herself
Jag är Ingrid (2015)
as Herself
Keepers of the Covenant: Making 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' (2015)
as Herself
Chappie (2015)
as Michelle Bradley
Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)
as Tuja
My Depression (The Up and Down and Up of It) (2014)
as Elizabeth Swados (voice)
Vamps (2012)
as Cisserus
The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
as The Director
The Cold Light of Day (2012)
as Jean Carrack
Red Lights (2012)
as Margaret Matheson
Rampart (2011)
as Joan Confrey
Abduction (2011)
as Dr. Geraldine 'Geri' Bennett
Paul (2011)
as The Big Guy
Cedar Rapids (2011)
as Macy Vanderhei
Capturing Avatar (2010)
as Herself
You Again (2010)
as Aunt Ramona
Crazy on the Outside (2010)
as Viki
Avatar (2009)
as Dr. Grace Augustine
Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification (2009)
as Narrator
Prayers for Bobby (2009)
as Mary Griffith
Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood (2009)
as Narrator
The Tale of Despereaux (2008)
as The Narrator (voice)
His Highness Hollywood (2008)
as Herself
WALL·E (2008)
as Ship's Computer (voice)
Baby Mama (2008)
as Chaffee Bicknell
Vantage Point (2008)
as Rex Brooks
Be Kind Rewind (2008)
as Ms. Lawson
The Girl in the Park (2007)
as Julia Sandburg
Helmut by June (2007)
as Herself
The TV Set (2007)
as Lenny
Happily N'Ever After (2006)
as Frieda (voice)
Infamous (2006)
as Babe Paley
Snow Cake (2006)
as Linda
Imaginary Heroes (2004)
as Sandy Travis
The Village (2004)
as Alice Hunt
Superior Firepower : Making 'Aliens' (2003)
as Herself
One Step Beyond: Making 'Alien: Resurrection' (2003)
as Herself
Wreckage and Rage: Making 'Alien³' (2003)
as Herself
The Beast Within: Making 'Alien' (2003)
as Herself
Holes (2003)
as Louise Walker the Warden
Tadpole (2002)
as Eve Grubman
The Guys (2002)
as Joan
Alien Evolution (2001)
as Herself
Big Bad Love (2001)
as Betti DeLoreo (voice)
Heartbreakers (2001)
as Max Conners
The Roman Empire in the First Century (2001)
as Narrator
Company Man (2000)
as Daisy Quimp
Galaxy Quest (1999)
as Gwen DeMarco
A Map of the World (1999)
as Alice Goodwin
Get Bruce! (1999)
as Herself
The Alien Legacy (1999)
as Herself
Alien Resurrection (1997)
as Ripley 8
The Ice Storm (1997)
as Janey Carver
Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)
as Lady Claudia Hoffman
Copycat (1995)
as Helen Hudson
Jeffrey (1995)
as Debra Moorhouse
Death and the Maiden (1994)
as Paulina Escobar
The Wild Swans (1994)
as Narrator
Dave (1993)
as Ellen Mitchell
Rabbit Ears - Peachboy (1993)
as Narrator
1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)
as Queen Isabella
Alien³ (1992)
as Lt. Ellen Louise Ripley
The Snow Queen (1992)
as Narrator (voice)
Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge (1989)
as Herself
Ghostbusters II (1989)
as Dana Barrett
Working Girl (1988)
as Katharine Parker
Gorillas in the Mist (1988)
as Dian Fossey
Half Moon Street (1986)
as Dr. Lauren Slaughter
Aliens (1986)
as Lt. Ellen Louise Ripley
Une Femme ou Deux (1985)
as Jessica Fitzgerald
Ghostbusters (1984)
as Dana Barrett
Deal of the Century (1983)
as Catherine DeVoto
The Year of Living Dangerously (1982)
as Jill Bryant
Eyewitness (1981)
as Tony Sokolow
O Youth and Beauty! (1979)
as Marcia Lawton
The Sorrows of Gin (1979)
as Marcia Lawton
Alien (1979)
as Lt. Ellen Louise Ripley
Madman (1978)
Annie Hall (1977)
as Alvy's Date Outside Theatre
Off in the Far Away Somewhere: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii ()
as Georgia O’Keeffe
The Good House ()
as Hildy Good

Production Credits

Alien Resurrection (1997)
Alien³ (1992)
Ophelia ()