Lee Jung-eun



Place of birth:

Seoul, South Korea:

Film Credits

내가 죽던 날 (2020)
자산어보 (2020)
Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP (2020)
as Gorilla (voice)
기생충 (2019)
as Moon-gwang
여보세요 (2019)
as Jung-eun
우리 지금 만나 (2019)
as Jung-eun
미성년 (2019)
as Seawall woman
말모이 (2019)
as Teacher from Jeju Island
미쓰백 (2018)
as Massage shop owner
어른도감 (2018)
as Judge
焼肉ドラゴン (2018)
as Young-Soon
택시운전사 (2017)
as Tae-sul's wife
군함도 (2017)
as President of a society of women
Okja (2017)
as Okja (voice) / Woman In Wheelchair
보안관 (2017)
as Yong-hwan's wife
재심 (2017)
as Oh Mi-ri
곡성 (2016)
as Deok-gi's wife
좋아해줘 (2016)
as Real estate lady
검사외전 (2016)
as Woman
그날의 분위기 (2016)
as employee of rainbow restaurant
특종: 량첸살인기 (2015)
as Hostess
조선명탐정: 사라진 놉의 딸 (2015)
as Woman
카트 (2014)
as Cashier 1
도희야 (2014)
as Town woman 1
변호인 (2013)
as House owner
전국노래자랑 (2013)
as Dong-soo's aunt
마더 (2009)
as Ah-jeong's relative
와니와 준하 (2001)
as Producer
불후의 명작 (2000)
as Jin-won's wife