Nathalie Cox


Nathalie Cox is a British actress and model. She is also known as Natalie Cox. She is best known for her role as Juno Eclipse in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel.

Film Credits

The Good Neighbour (2019)
London Heist (2017)
Darkwave: Edge of the Storm (2016)
as Sarah
The Double (2014)
as 'The Replicator' - Jack's Wife
Scar Tissue (2013)
as Tracey
Shadow Boxer (2012)
as Mervi
The Devil's Dosh (2012)
as Lucy
Clash of the Titans (2010)
as Artemis
Exam (2009)
as Blonde
Jumper (2008)
as English Beauty
La Môme (2007)
as Pin-up
Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
as Balian's Wife