Paul Cassidy

Place of birth:

Glasgow, Scotland:


Paul Cassidy otherwise know as Paul Anthony McAllister was born in Glasgow Scotland 1977. He was educated at St Anthony's in the south side of Glasgow where he grew up. After leaving school Paul lived in Stockholm for three years during which time he worked for a music company. On returning to Glasgow in 2004 Paul was looking for a new challenge and after some one to one drama training he auditioned and was cast in The Talented Mr Ripley play by Patricia Highsmith. He received great reviews from this and went on to do numerous plays and work in Film and TV. In 2011 Paul took a five year break from performing and dedicated his time to working with people with developmental trauma, helping them find a more positive direction in life. Paul continues to work at this and is very passionate in doing so. However he recently returned to performing and has been fortunate enough to work with very established world know film makers. Paul quotes" I feel more at ease being a performer knowing that in between productions I can embrace another side of reality working with those less fortunate doing my best to help them towards a happier life.