Chrissie Chau



Place of birth:

Chaozhou, Guangdong, China:


Chrissie Chau is a Chinese actress and celebrity model from Hong Kong. Chau achieved widespread fame after the release of her portrait albums in 2009 and 2010. Her film career began after she starred in the horror film Womb Ghosts (2009); Chau has starred in 20 productions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Chau won four "Most Searched Photos on Yahoo!" in 2009–2012, "Yahoo! Entertainment Spotlight Person" in 2009 and "Most Popular Actress Award" in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. She received "Award of Merit: Leading Actress" from The Accolade Competition in 2011 for her performance in Beach Spike. Chau first drew attention following "After 90s' Girls" in Hong Kong from the survey held by YMCA 2010. The report showed surveyed girls think that Chau has a high IQ and is optimistic and bold, whilst Chau ranked 16th in 2010 LIVAC Celebrity Roasters of Cross-Straits Media announced by HKIEd, a title for which she has received substantial media attention.

Film Credits

P風暴 (2019)
as 廖雨萍
葉問外傳:張天志 (2018)
as Nana
女皇撞到正 (2018)
洩密者們 (2018)
大樂師·為愛配樂 (2018)
女士復仇 (2017)
29+1 (2017)
as Christy Lam
小男人週記3之吾家有喜 (2017)
iGirl (2016)
恶人报喜 (2016)
浮華宴 (2015)
as Cindy Cheung/Mavis/Snow/May Cheung/Jean
12金鴨 (2015)
as Mrs Chau
分手100次 (2014)
as Barbara
非狐外传 (2014)
我的美丽王国 (2013)
as Ruo Tong
爆3俏嬌娃 (2013)
as Boo
爛滾夫鬥爛滾妻 (2013)
as Chi-Ling
在一起 (2013)
as Biqi / Vicki
西游·降魔篇 (2013)
as Fourth Goblin / Little Sister
Paper Moon (2013)
Hold住愛 (2012)
as Fang Meng
夜店诡谈 (2012)
as Ai Mi/Amy; Ai Li/Elle
Mang gwai oi ching goo si (2011)
as Bobo
喜愛夜蒲 (2011)
as Nana
殺手歐陽盆栽 (2011)
as Nana
熱浪球愛戰 (2011)
as Sharon
猛男滾死隊 (2011)
as Tina
婚前試愛 (2010)
as Kiki
Vampire Warriors (2010)
as See/Max
完美嫁衣 (2010)
as Flora
全城戒备 (2010)
as Youyou / YoYo
出水芙蓉 (2010)
as Brenda
Kwan yan chut si (2009)
as Chrissie
Sei sung saw liu (2009)
as Schoolgirl / Fong Mei Fong
Nobody's Perfect (2008)
as Slurpee