Lee Sung-jae



Place of birth:

Seoul, South Korea:


Lee Sung-jae in a short period rose to become one of the more versatile and popular actors in Korean cinema. After working for a time on TV (his debut was the MBC drama The Love of Two Women), he launched his film career with the romantic comedy Art Museum by the Zoo opposite superstar Shim Eun-ha. The success of this movie gave him considerable attention and led to him being offered many more roles.

Film Credits

인간, 공간, 시간 그리고 인간 (2018)
나탈리 (2010)
as Jun-hyeok
상사부일체 (2007)
데이지 (2006)
as Jeong Woo
홀리데이 (2006)
as Ji Kang-hyuk
신석기 블루스 (2004)
as Shin Suk-ki
바람의 전설 (2004)
as Park Pung-shik
빙우 (2004)
as Kang Jung-hyun
공공의 적 (2002)
as Kyu-hwan, Jo
신라의 달밤 (2001)
as Park Young-jun
하루 (2001)
as Suk-yoon
플란다스의 개 (2000)
as Go Yun-ju
주유소 습격사건 (1999)
as No Mark
자귀모 (1999)
미술관 옆 동물원 (1998)
as Chul-su