Chrystale Wilson



Place of birth:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA:


Chrystale Wilson is an Atlanta, Georgia native, who spent most of her school years in Northern California. Chrystale was born to perform however her mother wasn’t always supportive of her dreams to pursue a un-traditional path to success and stardom. Wanting to please her mother yet not lose sight of her own life goals Chrystale developed a gift for living a dual life. She worked at Joseph Cooper personal injury law firm during the day and at Sacboy Production Studio in the evenings.

Film Credits

Merry Wishmas (2018)
Chandler Christmas Getaway (2018)
as Elizabeth
When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story (2017)
as Gwen
Merry Christmas, Baby (2016)
as Elizabeth
Stolen Virginity (2016)
as Chrystale Wilson
Fade Away (2016)
as Ms. Money
Marry Us for Christmas (2014)
as Elizabeth
Lorenzo and Monica (2013)
as Rihanna
Interludes (2012)
as Kim
There's a Stranger in My House (2009)
Shake (2008)
as Ms. Bee
Out on Parole (2004)
as Ms. Bigass
Wash It Up (2003)
as Chris Johnson
Kudzu Christmas (2002)
as Nina Taylorson
Trois 2: Pandora's Box (2002)
as Tammy Racine
Ultimate Fights from the Movies (2002)
as Ronnie (The Players Club) (archive footage)
Honeybee (2001)
as Nina Ahlin's Fight promotor
Lockdown (2000)
as Dana
Trois (2000)
as Tammy
The Players Club (1998)
as Ronnie

Production Credits

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)
Art Department Coordinator