Wu Yue



Place of birth:

Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China:


Wu Yue (Chinese: 吴樾, born 25 April 1976) is a Chinese actor best known for playing heroes in various films and television series. Some of his more notable roles in television include: Chen Zhen in Huo Yuanjia and Jingwu Yingxiong Chen Zhen (2001); Di Yun in Lian Cheng Jue (2004); Yan Qing in Langzi Yan Qing (2004); Zhang San in Zuixia Zhang San (2006); Xia Shijie in Fankang Zhi Zhenxin Yingxiong (2008); Sun Wukong in Journey to the West (2011); Ariq Böke in The Legend of Kublai Khan (2013). Wu was enrolled in the Central Academy of Drama in 1997 and graduated in 2001. Apart from acting, he practises martial arts and holds a National Martial Arts Championship grade in wushu. He is currently a member of the National Theatre Company of China. He also wrote lyrics and performed songs for some of the films and television series he acted in.

Film Credits

特种兵王3战天娇 (2020)
葉問4 (2019)
as Wan Zong Hua
中国机长 (2019)
as Airport Controller
武林怪獸 (2018)
as Constable Wang
我说的都是真的 (2018)
as 韩志刚
英雄本色 (2018)
as Pi Jin
狂獸 (2017)
as Tak
Birth of the Dragon (2017)
as Wang Biao
殺破狼·貪狼 (2017)
as Chui Kit
荡寇风云 (2017)
as Yang Chao
偷天特務 (2016)
as Iron Hawk
寒戰 II (2016)
as Wu Tin-Man
城南庄1948 (2014)
警察故事2013 (2013)
as A Yue
制服 (2013)
大兵小将 (2010)
as Robber
中国功夫 (2010)
老鼠爱上猫 (2003)
as Pang Yu
东北往事之二十年 ()
as Fei Si