Tommie-Amber Pirie


Tommie-Amber Pirie is a Canadian film and television actress. She has worked in the industry for over a decade.

Film Credits

James vs. His Future Self (2019)
as Meredith
The Go-Getters (2018)
as Lacie
Tell The World (2016)
as Ellen Harmon (White)
Below Her Mouth (2016)
as Quinn
How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (2015)
as Polly Murray
Don't Get Killed In Alaska (2014)
as Liney
Pretend We're Kissing (2014)
as Jordan
The Birder (2014)
as Laura
Out (2013)
What If (2013)
as Gretchen
Another Man's Wife (2011)
as Skylar Warner
New Year (2011)
as Heather Thomson
Stripped Naked (2010)
as Jade
The Trotsky (2010)
as Sarah Bronstein
Final Verdict (2009)
as Lucy
Like Mother, Like Daughter (2007)
as Sarah
I Don't Love You Like That ()

Production Credits

I Don't Love You Like That ()