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Lo Mang (Chinese: 羅莽, born Lo Hin Lam on 23 July 1952) is a Hong Kong based veteran martial artist. Primarily known for starring in Shaw Brothers kung fu movies during the latter part of the 1970s and into the 1980s. He is a member of the famous ensemble known as the Venom Mob who were renowned for their martial arts and acting skills.

Film Credits

葉問4 (2019)
as Master Law
Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks (2019)
as Himself
Made in Chinatown (2018)
as Hung Phat
The Dark Soul (2018)
as Uncle Lo
救殭清道夫 (2017)
as Tai Gau Keoi
刑警兄弟 (2016)
as Mr. Cool
葉問3 (2015)
as Mestre Law
一代宗師 (2013)
as Dark Spirit
熱浪球愛戰 (2011)
as Uncle Tao
打擂台 (2010)
as Jade Kirin
葉問2 (2010)
as Master Law
犀照 (2006)
as Chun Bo
煎釀叄寶 (2004)
as Lone's dad
男上女下 (2004)
as Big Python
見習黑玫瑰 (2004)
as Mark
下一站…天后 (2003)
as Keung
我要結婚 (2003)
as Master Lu
安娜與武林 (2003)
as Ox
乾柴烈火 (2002)
as Dr. Tsui
Hong Kong Superstars (2001)
as Himself
夜叉 (1999)
as Kwong Chok Foon
爆裂刑警 (1999)
as Suspect under surveilliance
玉蒲團III官人我要 (1998)
as Hung Chi
Severely Rape (1998)
as Mr. Lee
非常警察 (1998)
as Boss King
Ni ge mie ye chang (1997)
伊波拉病毒 (1996)
as Kei, restaurant owner
南洋十大邪術 (1995)
as Taoist Priest
迷魂黨 (1995)
as Chan Chi Hung
廟街故事 (1995)
as Echinus
新英雄本色 (1994)
as Black Ox
辣手神探 (1992)
as Ah Wah / Lonny
Dian zhi zei zei (1988)
as Crazy Piao
中華戰士 (1987)
as General Toga's henchman
扭计杂牌军 (1986)
as Huo Chiang
Pursuit of a Killer (1985)
as Ye Hong
Di zi ye feng kuang (1985)
as Hong Si Guan
San dung whang yan (1985)
as Police Chief Luo
錦衣衛 (1984)
as Zhao Buqun
An qu (1983)
as Sgt Zhao
天蠶變 (1983)
as Kung Suen Wang
Fast Fingers (1983)
as Captain Tie Li Wei
八十二家房客 (1982)
as Johnny
人皮燈籠 (1982)
as Kwai Sze Yin
五遁忍術 (1982)
as Shi Shang
大旗英雄傳 (1982)
as Yun Zheng
邪完再邪 (1982)
as Tsang Ma Su
射鵰英雄傳第三集 (1981)
as Qiu Qian-ren
南北獅王 (1981)
as Ah Yue
少林與武當 (1980)
as Tung Chien-Chen
邪鬥邪 (1980)
as Muscular Neighbor
大殺四方 (1980)
as Chi Chun-Peng
第三類打鬥 (1980)
as Wei Han Ting
廣東十虎與後五虎 (1979)
as Iron Fingers Chen Tie Fou
賣命小子 (1979)
as Guan Yun
雜技亡命隊 (1979)
as Yang Daying
街市英雄 (1979)
as Chen A Jin
生死鬥 (1979)
as Mo Jun-Feng
Jin bei tong (1979)
as Boss 'Golden Arms'
残缺 (1978)
as Blacksmith Wei Jia-Jie
Nan Shao Lin yu bei Shao Lin (1978)
as Ho Ming Pao
五毒 (1978)
as Liang Shen, the Toad/Li Hao
射鵰英雄傳 (1978)
as Han Bau-Jiu (3rd Weird 7)
射鵰英雄傳續集 (1978)
as Master Kau Iron Palm
唐人街功夫小子 (1977)
as Green Dragon
被迫 (1977)
as (as Lun Kuan)
海軍突擊隊 (1977)
as Song's Henchman