Fan Mei-Sheng



Place of birth:

Shandong, Cina:


Fan Mei-sheng (樊梅生; born 13 September 1942) also known as Fan Mui Sang, is a prolific Hong Kong Cantonese actor. Fan Mei-sheng started acting in movies from 1964; his first movie was The Story of Sue San. He made his name in Shaw Brothers Studio productions, including the role of 'Black Whirlwind' in All Men Are Brothers. Through the 1970s and 1980s, he was often cast as the villain in many Hong Kong martial arts films and thrillers. In 1979, Fan replaced Simon Yuen (who died during filming) in The Magnificent Butcher. That, as well as his role as an explosives man in The Postman Fights Back, became one of his best known performances. He also acted in the Michael Cimino film, Year of the Dragon; and in total has acted in one hundred films. In addition, he has directed one film, Amsterdam Connection in 1978, and produced another, Dark Side of Chinatown in 1989.

Film Credits

Attrition (2018)
as Sifu
力王 (1991)
as Assistant warden
西雅圖大屠殺 (1989)
as Cheung
A計劃續集 (1987)
as Black Bear
富貴列車 (1986)
as Mountain bandit
Chu Liu Xiang da jie ju (1983)
巡城馬 (1982)
as Bu
Jie dao sha ren (1981)
as Beggar Fan
勇者无惧 (1981)
as Marshal Pao
The Eagle's Killer (1981)
as Chin Pai To
Fo zhang luo han quan (1980)
師弟出馬 (1980)
as Bull
林世榮 (1979)
as Beggar King
戚繼光 (1979)
小李飛刀 (1979)
清宮大刺殺 (1978)
as Li Sing Nan
明月刀雪夜歼仇 (1977)
as Yi Da-Jing
多情劍客無情劍 (1977)
as Chuan Jia
射鵰英雄傳 (1977)
as Odd Immortal Leung Sin-Yung
Jue bu di tou (1977)
as Cheung Sam
三少爺的劍 (1977)
as Mute
Ren she shu (1977)
as Xu Xiang's boss
白玉老虎 (1977)
as Zhao Zhong
老爺車縱火謀殺案 (1977)
as Ah Hsin
賭王大騙局 (1976)
as Sha Wu Lin
天涯明月刀 (1976)
as Painting Wu
飛龍斬 (1976)
as Miu Fei
流星蝴蝶劍 (1976)
as Ma Fung Chung
蕩寇誌 (1975)
as 'Black Whirlwind' Li Kui
惡霸 (1975)
as Jin Gang
Tian wang (1974)
as Chao Hai Chuan
五大漢 (1974)
as Wei Jin-Bao
香港73 (1974)
as Big Beard
大海盜 (1973)
as Hua Er Dao
毒女 (1973)
as Wong Tai
Ci Ma (1973)
Fen nu qing nian (1973)
as Big Sean
十四女英豪 (1972)
as General Chiao Ting Kuai
愛奴 (1972)
as Wu Hua-Tian
Xiao du long (1972)
as Hunchback Liu Tuo
吉祥赌坊 (1972)
水滸傳 (1972)
as Black Whirlwind, Li Kuei
林沖夜奔 (1972)
as Monk Lu Zhi Shen
來如風 (1971)
as Constable Ji Fu
火併 (1971)
as Chiu Fu
玉面俠 (1971)
as Yu Chi Zhou Guang
鐵羅漢 (1970)
as Master Luo
餓狼谷 (1970)
as Instructor Ma
女俠賣人頭 (1970)
as Wan Sanju
金衣大俠 (1970)
as Guan Xiyang
Qian mian mo nu (1969)
as Incompetent Police Sgt.
毒龍潭 (1969)
as Ding Hu (beggar)
玉羅剎 (1968)
as Yan Long Er
紅辣椒 (1968)
as 2nd Chief of Hulu Valley
鐵觀音勇破爆炸黨 (1968)
as Bomb Gang's thug
怪俠 (1968)
as villain who kills a woman
玉面飛狐 (1968)
as Ching Ching's helper
女俠黑蝴蝶 (1968)
as Little Poue
連瑣 (1967)
as Secretary Tong's servant capturing Wei
盜劍 (1967)
as Lo's Man
獨臂刀 (1967)
as Guo Sheng / Brother Hua
鐵頭皇帝 (1967)
as Wan Chao
觀世音 (1967)
as Dancing soldier
斷腸劍 (1967)
as Hu Zi
幪面大俠 (1967)
as Cao Wu's waiter
鐵觀音 (1967)
as Agent 403 at nightclub
文素臣 (1966)
as Zhaoqing snr monk
西遊記 (1966)
as 3rd Prince of West Dragon King
七七敢死隊 (1965)
as Chinese patriot
大地兒女 (1965)
as Shi Tou
Yu tang chun (1964)
as Master Fan
山歌戀 (1964)
as Village youth at campfire
潘金蓮 (1964)
as Neighbor at wake
故都春夢 (1964)
as Opera customer

Production Credits

He Lan Du ren tou (1978)