Yue Dongfeng


Yue Dongfeng, film and television actor, former unit of the Warrior Art Troupe of Wenshan Military Region, participated in the TV series "Shuanglong Biography" TV series "Dragon World" TV series "World Road" TV series " Darts in the World " TV series "Gun Showers" and many other film and television works

Film Credits

地宫笔记之五百龙首 / Undereground Palace's Journal (2020)
包青天之诡墓空棺 (2020)
大梦聊斋 (2020)
as Lu Pan
镇魂法师2 (2020)
as Xuan Yangzi
大天蓬 (2020)
as Silver
新封神姜子牙 (2019)
as Earth God
四大名捕之食人梦界 (2019)
as Master
镇魂法师 (2017)
as Xuan Yangzi