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Moscow, USSR [now Russia]:


​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Oleg Evgenyevich Menshikov (born 8 November 1960) is a Soviet and Russian entertainer. He is a film and theatre actor, singer and director. He started his film career in the early 1980s playing in the comedy Pokrovskie vorota and in Nikita Mikhalkov's Rodnya. In 1993, Menshikov collaborated again with Mikhalkov in their most famous film, Burnt by the Sun. Portraying a manipulative and suicidal NKVD agent during Stalin's Great Purge, Menshikov's performance brought him to the attention of a wide international audience. The film won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Menshikov appeared in Régis Wargnier's 1999 film, East-West with Sandrine Bonnaire and Catherine Deneuve. Menshikov played the hero of Mikhalkov's 1998 The Barber of Siberia, with Julia Ormond playing his mistress. He appeared as Erast Fandorin in the 2005 film The Councillor of State. He filled the role of Ostap Bender in the 2006 Russian mini-series based on The Little Golden Calf. Description above from the Wikipedia article Oleg Menshikov, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

Film Credits

Вторжение (2020)
as General Lebedeva
Гоголь. Страшная месть (2018)
as Yakov Petrovich Guro - investigator
Гоголь. Начало (2017)
as Yakov Petrovich Guro - investigator
Притяжение (2017)
as Colonel Lebedev
Легенда №17 (2013)
as Tarasov
Утомленные солнцем 2: Цитадель (2011)
as Dmitriy Arsentyev
Утомлённые солнцем 2: Предстояние (2010)
as Mitya Arsentyev
О чём говорят мужчины (2010)
as Himself
Игроки (2006)
as Утешительный
Доктор Живаго (2006)
Золотой теленок (2005)
as Ostap Bender
Статский советник (2005)
as Erast Petrovich Fandorin
Горе от ума (2000)
as Александр Андреевич Чацкий
Est - Ouest (1999)
as Aleksei Golovin
Мама (1999)
as Lyonchik Yuryev
Сибирский цирюльник (1998)
as André Tolstoi
Кавказский пленник (1996)
as Sacha Kostylin
Утомлённые солнцем (1994)
as Dimitri (Mitya)
Дюба-дюба (1993)
Яма (1990)
Жизнь по лимиту (1989)
Лестница (1989)
as Владимир Пирошников
Брызги шампанского (1989)
as Sergei
Моонзунд (1987)
as Sergey Artenev
Михайло Ломоносов (1986)
as Дмитрий Виноградов
Мой любимый клоун (1986)
as Сергей Синицын
По главной улице с оркестром (1986)
as Korolkov
Полоса препятствий (1984)
as Vladimir
Капитан Фракасс (1984)
as Барон де Сигоньяк
Поцелуй (1983)
as Мерзляков
Polyoty vo Sne i Nayavu (1983)
as Alisa's Friend
Родня (1982)
as Kirill
Покровские ворота (1982)
as Константин Ромин, он же Костик
Жду и надеюсь (1980)

Production Credits

Игроки (2006)
Горе от ума (2000)