ABCs of Death 2 Solarmovie

ABCs of Death 2 (2014)


Taking all that was great from the first instalment, the movie aims to be a wilder, leaner, faster-paced and even more entertaining anthology this time around, with a new crop of award-winning, visionary filmmakers from around the globe.

ABCs of Death 2 Solarmovie
Solarmovie Score: 5.3/10 from 164 votes
Release Date: 2014-10-02
Status: Released
Run time: 125 min / 2:5
Production Studio : Drafthouse Films, Magnet Releasing, Timpson Films
Production Countries: United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Japan


Eric Jacobus
as Assassin (Segment "Amateur")
Julian Barratt
as Peter Toland (Segment "Badger")
Ian Virgo
as Fletcher (Segment "Capital Punishment")
Miguel Ángel Muñoz
as (Segment "Equilibrium")
Dana Meinrath
as Soldier (Segment "Falling")
Nicholas Amer
as Grandad (Segment "Grandad")
Richard Hardisty
as Grandson (Segment "Grandad")
Sherry Lara
as Mama (Segment "Invincible")
Francisco Barreiro
as (Segment "Jesus")
Julija Steponaitytė
as The Girl (Segment "Knell")
Michael Isokpan
as Prince (Segment "Legacy")
Ehigiator Joy Nosa
as Esaogho (Segment "Legacy")
Patrick Daniel
as Himself (Segment "Masticate")
Lauren Molina
as Bride (Segment "Nexus")
Michael Dragon Vincent
as Monster (Segment "Nexus")
Aurelio Voltaire
as Pirate (segment "N")
Aki Morita
as Kana Miyazaki (Segment "Ochlocracy")
Bryan Connolly
as (Segment "P-P-P-P Scary!")
Jordan D. Morris
as Testee (Segment "Questionnaire")
Jess Lane
as Tester (Segment "Questionnaire")
André Hennicke
as Klaus (Segment "Roulette")
Victoria Broom
as Miriam (Segment "Split")
Alan McKenna
as Bob (Segment "Split")
Tristan Risk
as Yumi (Segment "Torture Porn")
Conor Sweeney
as Gonzo (Segment "Torture Porn")
C. Ernst Harth
as Porn Guy #1 (Segment "Torture Porn")
Sean Hewlett
as Porn Guy #2 (Segment "Torture Porn")
Paul Biason
as Sole Survivor (Segment "Torture Porn")
Lee Majdoub
as Office Temp (Segment "Torture Porn")
Laurence R. Harvey
as Wanker (Segment "Torture Porn")
James McDougall
as (Segment "Utopia")
Mark Grossman
as Curt (Segment "Vacation")
Jason Edmiston
as Andromecles (Segment "Wish")
Jano Badovinac
as Casio (Segment "Wish")
Béatrice Dalle
as The Grandmother (Segment "Xylophone")
Tess Maury
as The Young Girl (Segment "Xylophone")
Sakurako Mizuki
as Miyuki (Segment "Youth")
Delphine Roussel
as (Segment "Zygote")
Martina García
as Woman (segment "E")


Directing Vincenzo Natali Director
Directing Larry Fessenden Director
Directing Todd Rohal Director
Directing Julian Gilbey Director
Writing Julian Gilbey Writer
Writing Jeff Buhler Writer
Directing Alexandre Bustillo Director
Writing Alexandre Bustillo Writer
Directing Julien Maury Director
Writing Julien Maury Writer
Directing E.L. Katz Director
Directing Dennison Ramalho Director
Directing Julian Barratt Director
Directing Bill Plympton Director
Directing Robert Morgan Director
Directing Marvin Kren Director
Writing Marc Walkow Writer
Directing Juan Martínez Moreno Director
Writing Juan Martínez Moreno Writer
Directing Alejandro Brugués Director
Writing Alejandro Brugués Writer
Directing Navot Papushado Director
Directing Aharon Keshales Director
Directing Jen Soska Director
Writing Jen Soska Writer
Directing Sylvia Soska Director
Writing Sylvia Soska Writer
Directing Sôichi Umezawa Director
Production Sôichi Umezawa Producer
Writing Sôichi Umezawa Writer
Directing Rodney Ascher Director
Production Tim League Producer
Directing Kristina Buožytė Director
Directing Chris Nash Director
Directing Jerome Sable Director
Writing Jerome Sable Writer
Directing Hajime Ohata Director
Writing Hajime Ohata Writer
Writing Jeremy Gillespie Writer
Directing Steven Kostanski Director
Directing Erik Matti Director
Directing Bruno Samper Director
Directing Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen Director
Production Ant Timpson Producer
Writing David Chirchirillo Writer
Writing Nicholas Musurca Writer
Production Mitch Davis Associate Producer
Production Shannon Hanmer Producer
Production Vitalijus Zukas Producer
Production Peter Kuplowsky Producer
Production Peter Mabrucco Producer
Production Mai Nakanishi Producer
Directing Robert Boocheck Director
Writing Robert Boocheck Writer
Writing Toby Harvard Writer
Directing Jim Hosking Director
Writing Jim Hosking Writer
Sound Andre Roessler Original Music Composer
Sound Isabel Greiwe Original Music Composer