Carry On Hotel Solarmovie

Carry On Hotel (1988)

Wacky comedy filmmaker Jeff Lau (All For the Winner) directs Carry On Hotel, a madcap comedy filled top to bottom with Hong Kong stars! The setting is a five-star Singapore hotel, and the players and situations are too numerous to count. Kent Cheng is a seedy detective who sets up cameras to record an illicit affair. A hideously glam rock band checks into Kent's room, and gets a free show via his hookup. Meanwhile, silly thief Richard Ng Yiu Hong uses ninjitsu to fool the locals. Womanizing tour guide Eric Tsang gets stalked by not one, but two pretty women (Cherie Chung and Pat Ha). And Jacky Cheung is a lowly mechanic at the hotel who lusts after gorgeous executive Sunflower (Joey Wang). But his tomboy co-worker Cecilia Yip secretly pines for him. Director Jeff Lau keeps the zany laughs coming fast and furious, and even manages to change things up with some slight dark humor, and even some sweet romance.

Carry On Hotel Solarmovie
Release Date: 1988-02-07
Status: Released
Run time: 88 min / 1:28


Eric Tsang
as Tour Guide
Richard Ng
as Donald Ng
Jacky Cheung
as Buddy Cheung
Kent Cheng
as Mr. Lau
Charlie Chin
as Steve
Joey Wong
as Sunflower
Cherie Chung
as Chung
Pat Ha
as Angela Tsui
Yasuaki Kurata
as Tomohara
Lam Chin-Si
as Band Member
Cecilia Yip
as Boy George
Lu Hsiu Ling
Wu Fung
as Manager
Teddy Yip Wing-Cho
as Manager
Pal Sinn Lap-man
as Band Member
Dick Cho
Yiu Yau-Hung
Billy Lau
as Billy


Directing Jeffrey Lau Director
Writing Jeffrey Lau Writer