Abby Singer Solarmovie

Abby Singer (2003)


Chronicles the life of Curtis Clemins, who is torn between the love of his life and accomplishing his dream. When hitting rock bottom during the Sundance Film Festival, Clemins' calls upon his old college chum, Kevin Prouse, giving the now drunken acting instructor in the throes of a divorce, the only clue that will salvage Clemins' rapidly deteriorating life.

Abby Singer Solarmovie
Release Date: 2003-10-28
Status: Released
Run time: 79 min / 1:19


Ryan R. Williams
as Kevin Prouse
Gloria Smith
as Student
Clint J. Palmer
as Curtis Clemins
Robin Ballard
as Maxine Helms
Andrea Hullsman
as Maxine's Daughter
Ken Farrman
as Receptionist
Mycole Metcalf
as Audition Girl
Robert Bear
Sean Marble
Ivan Lucero
as Jackson Lee
Pat Donahue
as Mr. Mooker
Mark Wunder
as Jake Mooker
Rod Finch
as Ryan
Donna Straus
as Cheral
Shela Jones
as Jenny
Kathy Townsman
as Study Group Girl
Jay O. Sanders
as Kevin's Father
Scott Hanks
as Dr. Phelps
Josh Waldren
as Boot Guy
Wendy Buss
as Mabeline
Alex Moss
as The Cook
Kieran Culkin
as Himself
Jodie Foster
as Herself
Sgt. Kabookey Man
as Sgt. Kabookey Man
Mark Borchardt
as Mark Borchardt
Mike Schank
as Mike Schank
Lloyd Kaufman
as Lloyd Kaufman
Lars Vandelay
as Punk Rocker
Tim Sargent
as Reporter
Johnny Biscuit
as Mario
Dave Attell
as Dave Attell
Adam Carolla
as Adam Carolla
Jeffrey Gold
as Jeffrey Gold
Jeff Goldblum
as Himself
Roger Faris
as The Devil
Robert Redford
as Himself
Roger Ebert
as Himself
Robin Tunney
as Herself
Patricia Arquette
as Herself
Stockard Channing
as Herself
John Waters
as Himself
Matt Dillon
as Himself
Daniel Day-Lewis
as Himself
Patrick Swayze
as Himself
Taye Diggs
as Himself
Don Cheadle
as Himself
Jonathan M. Black
as Jonathan M. Black
Jill Hennessy
as Herself
Brad Pitt
as Himself
Jennifer Aniston
as Herself
Amy Roither
as Eva
Nate Shervin
as Pimp
John Lawrence
as Christian
Mark Venhuizen
as Gun Dealer
Rebecca Julian
as Kikey
Matt Mullaney
as Sal
Darin C. Farr
as Ray
Edith Wallén
as Parking Lady
Martine Hughes
as Martini
Jake Gyllenhaal
as Himself


Production Richard Newman Associate Producer
Directing Ryan R. Williams Director
Editing Ryan R. Williams Editor
Production Ryan R. Williams Producer
Writing Ryan R. Williams Writer
Crew Ryan R. Williams Cinematography
Camera Jeremy Evans Camera Operator
Camera Jeffrey Gold Camera Operator
Sound Jeffrey Gold Music
Crew Jeffrey Gold Compositors
Production Jeffrey Gold Associate Producer
Production Jonathan M. Black Producer
Production Clint J. Palmer Producer
Camera Mark Wunder Camera Operator
Sound Paul Luscher Music
Production Paul Luscher Associate Producer
Production Paul A. Wood Executive Producer
Camera Paul A. Wood Camera Operator