Exorcism Master Solarmovie

Exorcism Master (2017)


Times of Ming Dynasty. Li Yanzhi is an orphan who looks good at all kinds of black technology. In order to feed a group of old, weak, sick, and homeless, he had to be entrusted by the eunuch Zhao Yuanqi to help the tomb thieves get rid of the ancient tomb organ and open the tomb of Huang Chao. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yuanqi and Hanzi Jiang Hanzi used Huang Chao to plot a terrifying conspiracy that would surely lead to a bloody storm. Li Yanzhi finds that he is helping others to abuse, and may become a sinister who has caused a lot of evil. Li Yanzhi reformed the evil and returned to the right, and decided to stop the conspiracy of Zhao Yuanqi and Jiang Hanzi together with Xuan Yangzi and Qin Yu of the Chongyang religion. Li Yanzhi, who is completely incapable of martial arts, desperately crushed the conspiracy of the eunuch Zhao Yuanqi

Exorcism Master Solarmovie
Release Date: 2017-12-01
Status: Released
Run time: 89 min / 1:29
Production Studio : 杭州传影文化传媒有限公司, 新片场影业, 长城影视股份有限公司
Production Country: China


Karena Ng
as Qin Yu
Chen Xinzhe
as Li Yanzhi
Yue Dongfeng
as Xuan Yangzi
Wang Hongqian
as Zhao Yuanqi
as Octopus
Xiaoping Bao
as Bao
Wang Jinshi
as Four Masters


Directing Qiuliang Xiang Director
Writing Qiuliang Xiang Writer
Directing Hesheng Xiang Director
Writing Hesheng Xiang Writer