Battlefield 2025 Solarmovie

Battlefield 2025 (2020)

Science FictionHorrorAction

Weekend campers, an escaped convict, young lovers and a police officer experience a night of terror when a hostile visitor from another world descends on a small Arizona town.

Battlefield 2025 Solarmovie
Solarmovie Score: 5.9/10 from 80 votes
Release Date: 2020-07-07
Status: Released
Production Country: United States of America


Jose Rosete
as Matt
Anna Harr
as Allie
Dustin Leighton
as Jake
Caleb Thomas
as Dylan
Alaina Laethem
as Rose
Adam Michael Gold
as Ethan
Titus Covington
as Alien
Sean J. Dillingham
as Roy
Santiago Craig
as Ronnie
Becky Jo Harris
as Pam
Nathaniel Burns
as Tiler
Cathy Rankin
as Julie
Richard Lippert
as Eddie
Brandon Hannifin
as Kevin
Rene Barraza Jr.
as Hector
Solomon Carranza
as Ben
Jamie Baxter
as Gina
Solomon E. Carranza
as Ben
Sidney Chenoweth
as Bucks Babe
William 'Bill' Connor
as Peck
Robert Conway Sr.
as New Reporter
Robert Conway
as Satisfied Consumer
Susie Delancey
as The Victum


Directing Joseph Mbah Director