Alaskan Bush People (2014)


Deep in the Alaskan wilderness lives a newly discovered family who was born and raised wild. Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children – 5 boys and 2 girls – are so far removed from civilization that they often go six to nine months of the year without seeing an outsider. They’ve developed their own accent and dialect, refer to themselves as a "wolf pack," and at night, all nine sleep together in a one-room cabin. Simply put, they are unlike any other family in America. Recently, according to the Browns, the cabin where they lived for years was seized and burned to the ground for being in the wrong location on public land.

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First Air Date: 2014-05-06
Last Air Date: 2020-01-29
Total Seasons: 11
Total Episodes: 102
Status: Returning Series
In Production: 1
Network: Discovery


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Season 0
First air date: 2014-12-19
Season 1
First air date: 2014-05-06
Season 2
First air date: 2015-01-02
Season 3
First air date: 2015-11-04
Season 4
First air date: 2016-05-06
Season 5
First air date: 2017-01-04
Season 6
First air date: 2017-06-13
Season 7
First air date: 2017-06-14
Season 8
First air date: 2018-08-19
Season 9
First air date: 2019-03-03
Season 10
First air date: 2019-08-04
Season 11
First air date: 2019-12-04


Asa Siegel
as Narrator
Billy Brown
as Himself - Father
Ami Brown
as Herself - Mother
Bam Brown
as Himself - 2nd eldest son
Gabe Brown
as Himself - Strong Son
Bear Brown
as Himself - Nature Loving Son
Noah Brown
as Himself - Youngest Son
Bird Brown
as Herself - Oldest Daughter
Rainy Brown
as Herself - Youngest Daughter